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what is

the Sandbox

The Sandbox is a community-driven game ecosystem that empowers game makers to create, publish, and monetize a myriad of unique experiences on a decentralized platform with cryptocurrency payments.

With the support of millions of creators around the world, our goal is to make The Sandbox the new standard in world building games, with millions of user-created 3D voxel assets and games available as NFTs on the blockchain.


Sell & trade

your creations!

Users can publish their voxel creations on the blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This open market will allow for the free trading of in-game NFT assets between different platform users (not just users of The Sandbox).

For example, external game developers could acquire these assets and incorporate them into their own games.

Creators will receive 100% of the price they set for their ASSETS, BOXES & AVATARS.


Import & Play

with your assets!

Ability to play, interact and live within player-made voxel creations.
Users will upload their gameplay experience to the game and interact with them.



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Key Innovations

Blockchain + IPFS

Our step-by-step blockchain implementation process starts with decentralizing selected game elements and moves to a full decentralization of the gaming experience over time to allow maximal player and creator freedom.

User Generated Content

Content will be created by the community with The Sandbox VoxEdit as well as imported from existing tools such as MagicaVoxel.

Non-Fungible Tokens

User-generated content will become ERC-1155 non-fungible tokens (ASSETs) for the creative community to trade and monetize.


Creators will be able to add multiplayer elements to the BOX worlds they create, allowing the community to share experiences with new and existing friends online.

what is the sandbox?

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Gaming Experience

Battle Royale

Drop down to this island and prepare for a frenzied battle! You and 49 other players will all be trying to survive and be the last man standing; are you up for the challenge?


Feel the adrenaline of speed course through your veins! These helicopter races will test your reflexes to the limit in order to see who is the very best!


In a world ruled by darkness and chaos, only the chosen one will be able to save us all from evil. Are you the hero we need? There is only one way to find out...

Social Game

Who would have guessed that partying with friends and dinosaurs would be so much fun? Come and meet lots of new friends in this wacky and goofy town!


New customers are coming and they want all sorts of weapons and armors, but your assistant has gone missing! Go into the wild, collect resources for the customer’s orders, and find out what happened to your trusty assistant on this epic journey!


Is your team ready to challenge other footvox legends in this unique 3vs3 competitive sports experience!? Climb to the top and become the world champion to win great prizes!


In the kingdom of Glaernam, people fight each other to decide who will be the next supreme commander of the land. Gear up and show everyone what you’ve got in this persistent open world arena challenge!


Are you feeling lucky tonight? Let’s take lady luck for a game of dice then! Choose a number, throw the dice, and win amazing prizes!


People have gone crazy, horrible creatures have started to show up everywhere, and your squad is nowhere to be found. It all started when that ancient portal activated. You will have to find a way to shut it down!





Achieved Milestones


Pixowl is founded

Pixowl is founded.

May 2012

The Sandbox franchise launches on iOS

The Sandbox is awarded Best Game of the year by Apple.

Feb 2013

The Sandbox is released for Android (1st title)


The Sandbox surpasses 10M downloads

Steam Version of The Sandbox released. Partnership with Skybound - The Invincible. The Sandbox's new EDU version for STEM education.


The Sandbox Evolution is announced at GDC conference (2nd title)

The Sandbox surpasses 16M installs.


The Sandbox Evolution released on iOS, Android & Steam

Partnership with Sony - Ghostbusters.


The Sandbox Evolution receives 2 big partnerships

Bandai Namco brings PAC-MAN to the game. Dreamworks brings Shrek to the game. The Sandbox Evolution announced free download in Steam.

Apr 2018

The Sandbox surpasses 40M downloads and 70M player creations

The Sandbox Surpasses 750K followers on Facebook.

May 2018

The Sandbox 3D on the Blockchain project is announced at Pocket Gamer Connect conference


BETA Launch

The Sandbox begins releasing the NFT Builders Tools, Marketplace and Game Maker.