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Coming at you, fluffy and cute! The Care Bears are entering The Sandbox as playable metaverse avatars. Combining tradition with web3, you can discover endless experiences like never before. Meet friends, discover the Care Bears experience, and earn SAND as a unique Care Bears.

Whether you feel Cheerful, Harmonic, Lucky, or Caring, there will be a Care Bears Avatar in it for you!

Care to be a bear?

The Care Bears Avatars are a collection of 3,060 unique The Sandbox avatars, playable inside the bright and colourful Metaverse. Each avatar has been carefully hand-crafted and will unlock unique features and functionalities for its owners. Earn SAND, play games, and meet friends. You make the rules! Enter The Sandbox today and show off your Care Bear!

Care to be a bear?

Mint your Care Bears

The Care Bears are SOLD OUT! Head over to OpenSea and explore all available avatars for sale.


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Play it in the Sandbox

Alongside being completely unique and entirely yours to own, each Care Bears avatar will be playable inside The Sandbox. Get your avatar, jump into the game and share it with the world! In addition, we will also introduce several unique events and features, unique to Care Bears holders and the larger community.

True to size

The Care Bears Avatars are reinventing the way you play in web3. Being the very first collection that uses a different model, Care Bears are authentic and smaller than a regular avatar. Explore The Sandbox from a new angle and experience it like never before.

True to size True to size

Past meets future

Each Care Bears avatar has been carefully designed by the original artists behind the Care Bears, resulting in 3,060 unique and playable metaverse avatars. Over 100 hand-crafted traits, as well as several unique 1/1 designs can be found!

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With over 30 different Care Bears types and 100+ traits we've created one of the largest Care Bears collection to date, from classical Grumpy Bears, to modern Web3 Bears.

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In addition to each Care Bears being a unique 1 of 1 that belongs to you, we've added 10 entirely unique 1/1 Care Bears have been hand-crafted to the collection.

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Play and


Use your avatar to unlock new functionality within the Care Bears Experience and The Sandbox, including access to new experiences and possibilities to earn SAND.


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