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Nov 17, 2022 - 2 min read


1,000+ Sports Land NFTs sold in less than 24 hours!

More than 1,000 wearable NFTs from the Sports Land — Soccer Fans collection (which got released on 11/16/22) have been sold in less than 24 hours!

Congrats to Hermit Crab Game Studio, the team behind the collection and Sports Land Stadium experience, on this early success! 👏

The ‘Sports Land — Soccer Fans’ NFT collection is a tribute to all the football lovers! The pack is composed of 32 exclusive wearable NFT hats (1 for each national team) and 32 animated rare versions of the wearables. Get yours and show your support to your favourite football team during the World Cup Season!: https://www.sandbox.game/en/collections/sports-lands-soccer-fans-pack-1/166/

Cherry on top, the Sports Land Stadium and Sports Land City Center experiences are playable in The Sandbox until December 19th. 12 SAND reward will be guaranteed for any player who finished the quests and purchased an NFT from the ‘Sports Land — Soccer Fans’ NFT collection.

Sports Land Stadium features:

  • 11 fun and immersive quests
  • A festive city with thematic buildings representing countries
  • NPCs from all over the world supporting the national teams
  • Play football, score and defend, meet new people and soccer stars
  • Earn trophies and find 6 points of interest.
  • An eternal football legend awaits, find him!

Play now on The Sandbox!

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