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Coach Shin Tae-yong’s Exclusive Avatar Collection is Coming to The Sandbox

Coach Shin Tae-yong, a legendary figure in football, is making his mark in The Sandbox with an exclusive avatar collection. As a former K-League midfielder and the coach behind Indonesia’s historic achievements, his legacy now transcends the real world.

A Tribute to Past, Present, and Future

The Shin Tae-yong avatar collection pays homage to his remarkable past, ongoing present, and future endeavors. These avatars are not just for show; they are fully playable in The Sandbox, allowing you to experience Coach Shin’s world and spread Indonesian culture and football in the metaverse.

A Historic Indonesian NFT

This collection is a significant moment for Indonesian football. Among the 1,560 avatar in the collection, 7 unique characters mirror his iconic jersey number 7:

Just like Shin Tae-yong’s jersey number 7, there will be 1:1 replicas produced in only 7 quantities, each commemorating special moments in his career. These avatars are an essential part of any football fan and metaverse enthusiast’s collection!

To get a sneak peek, watch Coach Shin Tae-yong’s greetings video available in both Korean and English:

- KR (on Korean Landing Page)

- EN (on English Landing Page)


  1. Allowlist Registration

  • Open to everyone from January 9th at 2PM UTC. Register via the official Heymint page here: https://heymint.xyz/the-sty?preview=1703141763308
  • Owners of The Sandbox avatars and The Sandbox LAND will be automatically registered for the allowlist, and a snapshot for owner verification will be taken.

2. Allowlist Mint

  • Scheduled for January 16th at 2PM UTC with a discounted price of 90 SAND, preceding the public mint. Make sure to grab yours early!
  • Allowlisted users will have the chance to mint up to 5 avatars per wallet.

3. Public Mint

4. Reveal

  • You won’t be able to see the avatar designs during the mint. You’ll get your first glimpse of your original avatar on January 25th at 2PM UTC during the simultaneous reveal.

Avatar Launch Event 🎉

Join us in celebrating the launch of The STY Avatar Collection with an exciting meme creation contest featuring Shin Tae-yong! This event spans two weeks, from January 10th (Wednesday) to January 24th (Wednesday). Check out the details below to participate.

  1. Create a meme using a photo of Shin Tae-yong (*Please note that we have obtained permission from the director for image usage).
  2. Share your meme on X/Twitter and, if you like, on other personal social media channels. ⚠️ Don’t forget the required hashtags: #thesandbox #thestyavatarcollection #memegodtaeyong
  3. Fill out and submit the Google Form linked below 👇

Participants who complete the Google Form submission will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a coveted Shin Tae-yong avatar. A total of 15 lucky winners will be chosen, and each winner will receive their very own STY avatar. Get creative and join the meme fun!

Join Coach Shin Tae-yong in the metaverse and own a piece of football history with The Sandbox’s exclusive avatar collection. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this legendary journey and spread Indonesian culture and football across the metaverse!

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