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Featured K-verse ‘Hallyu Rising’ Partners


Netmarble IP LAND

Discover new ways to enjoy a range of content featuring Netmarble’s iconic IPs!

Established in Korea in 2000, Netmarble Corporation is a leading developer and publisher of top-grossing mobile games worldwide. Through powerful franchises and collaborations with acclaimed IP holders, Netmarble strives to elevate the gaming experience and entertain audiences globally. As a parent company of Kabam and SpinX Games, and a major shareholder of Jam City and HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), Netmarble’s diverse portfolio includes Lineage 2: Revolution, MARVEL Future Fight, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, and forthcoming PC games like Paragon: The Overprime.

Netmarble is expanding its content business into diversified sectors, such as releasing official goods and creating animations based on popular IPs such as “Everybody’s Marble,” “Seven Knights,” and “Kuya.” Netmarble has also revealed its official mascots in 2016, known as “Netmarble Friends,” which include Keke, Tori, Bob, and Leon.

Netmarble and The Sandbox will create a ‘Netmarble IP LAND’ within K-Verse, a K-content specialized space. This space will feature a 6x6-scale, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the world of Netmarble’s popular IPs.

“Netmarble is excited to collaborate with The Sandbox to provide users with a more diverse content experience and fun at Metaverse. —Netmarble


Navigate through K-content in the virtual world

Dive into the extended storylines of global K-content within the metaverse!

CJ ENM is a leading entertainment company headquartered in South Korea. CJ ENM’s entertainment division is engaged in a wide range of industry business areas including media content, music, film, and performing arts, providing its leading original content to various media platforms around the world. United under the slogan “We live to discover Untold Originals,” CJ ENM has three major production and distribution studios: drama production powerhouse Studio Dragon, U.S.-based studio Endeavor Content and K-OTT content production studio CJ ENM STUDIOS. CJ ENM also presents KCON, the world’s №1 K-Culture festival, and MAMA AWARDS, the world’s №1 K-POP awards, in order to bring K-culture experiences to people all over the world.

CJ ENM is not only focusing on the recent “BOYS PLANET” contents experience, but also on expanding its diverse intellectual property content into the virtual world. This expansion will allow audiences worldwide to fully engage in the extended universe. They have plans to bring additional K-pop concerts, dramas, and movies for The Sandbox users worldwide as well.

If you are a K-content fan, stay tuned for the upcoming NFT drops.

Studio Dragon

K-Drama universe that crosses time and space

Experience a new way to enjoy K-drama in a virtual world that has captured global audiences

Studio Dragon, a subsidiary of CJ ENM, the global №1 lifestyle creator, is Korea’s representative drama studio that leads K-Drama, and is a premium storyteller group that fascinates the world with limitless stories.

Through partnership with The Sandbox, we will provide an experience where users can see, hear, and experience the worldview of various dramas, crossing the boundary between virtual and reality. We hope you enjoy more diverse experiences such as games, exhibitions, production presentations, and drama fan meetings in the world of popular global dramas newly present as a metaverse.

“Global metaverse platform The Sandbox and Studio Dragon entered into partnership to build ‘Dragon Land’. Studio Dragon dramas are being aired targeting global audiences through global OTT and VOD services, leading the Korean Wave. Based on the numerous K-Drama IPs owned by Studio Dragon, we will create a K-Drama play area to provide various things to see and enjoy to users around the world. We ask for your anticipation and support.” — Studio Dragon Gr.Manager, BONG-RYUL RYU

Channel A

2023 Channel A, Come ON

A new space where viewers can experience Channel A’s representative programs directly in the metaverse.

Channel A is a general programming channel that began its first broadcast in 2011. Channel A’s representative programs with strong fan bases receive steady love from viewers. From the real fishing variety show where laughter and tears are shed over a single fish, “The Fishermen and the Sea,” to the military survival reality show where soldiers fight for the honor of their unit, “The Iron Squad,” to the thrilling cohabitation story of “Heart Signal” where young men and women who visit “Signal House” to ride the infinite chemistry, to the “My Golden Kids”, a precious treasure of parenting that people of all ages, from Generation Z to parents, can watch, a variety of content can be seen on Channel A.

Now, not only on TV, but you can also enjoy Channel A’s programs directly in The Sandbox. Through a partnership with The Sandbox, you can meet IP in a new space that is not TV. From various characters representing programs such as Rabie, Guemjjogi and Heukjjogi to survival games, the content that you only watched before can now be experienced directly as a new experience with NFT and metaverse. Meeting Channel A’s programs in a new space will create another level of joy.

Renault Korea Motors

Hub of RENAULT KOREA MOTORS where you can enjoy every experience of cars and services

Are you interested in cars? At ‘RENAULT KOREA-Hub’, you can experience everything from designing your own car to research and development, and even daily lives with cars.

‘RENAULT KOREA MOTORS’ aim to provide an exciting mobility experience in the metaverse space. Through the medium of automobiles, we plan to create various games and experiential spaces, and share a different dimension of joy with metaverse users.

At the RENAULT KOREA-Hub, in partnership with The Sandbox, vehicles of RENAULT KOREA MOTORS are displayed in voxel form. It is designed to offer various stories such as unique technology and design philosophy of RENAULT KOREA MOTORS, USPs of each vehicle. Players can experience these features in a digital world. RENAULT KOREA-Hub is the first step in implementing digital mobility world of RENAULT KOREA MOTORS, and we are preparing for an advanced Web3.0 project in the future by integrating it with AI and other technology.

“Welcome to RENAULT KOREA-Hub. We believe that collaborating with The Sandbox is an exciting and enjoyable challenge. RENAULT KOREA MOTORS will continue to engage in various Web3.0 activities with Metaverse and NFT as our main focus. We Connect Your Mobility and Digital Life.” — Renault Korea Motors CEO, Stephane Deblaise

Hyper Sports Club


Hyper Sports Club, the crypto-born digital sneakers/fashion brand blurs the boundaries between crypto and physical fashion.

Hyper Sports Club, founded by the renowned South Korean fashion designer duo Steve J & Yoni P, is a digital sneakers and fashion brand that challenges the boundaries between crypto and physical fashion. To enhance the digital fashion experience and connect the physical and virtual worlds through AR filters and physital interactions, Hyper Sports Club has partnered with The Sandbox to create our own metaverse world and establish a virtual store.

Hyper Sports Club plans to introduce the Web 2.5 world by establishing a store in K-Verse, a space that focuses on K-content for the worldwide market within The Sandbox. The store will be equipped with a complex production system capable of creating physital(physical+digital) products. We aim to encourage K-fashion enthusiasts to engage with other users in the Hyper Sports Club LAND and experience diversity in the metaverse world. With a robust vision for a Web 2.5 world, we are set to venture into the realm of digital-native fashion.

“The virtual store of Hyper Sports Club is coming to The Sandbox. We are looking forward to more collaboration and community interactions in the metaverse.” — Hyper Sports Club Co-Founder, Steve J & Yoni P


Metaverse playground for Dalgomz

Experiences and benefits on Web 3 based on IRL

The Dalgomz community is joining forces with a local group to enhance its membership perks and provide various programs for its holders. As part of this partnership, we will offer a metaverse playground and tangible benefits in real life based on Web 3 technology. By working together with nearby NFT initiatives, we aim to serve as a connector between the Web 2 and Web 3 spheres.

The Dalgomz project is partnering with the Sokcho Chamber of Commerce, which serves Sokcho, Goseong, Yangyang, and Inje areas in South Korea. The goal of this collaboration is to link visitors exploring the Seorak region with affiliated tourism companies that offer discounts and perks. Additionally, we will serve as a tourist platform, providing travelers with valuable information and resources to enhance their experience.

By teaming up with The Sandbox, we aim to establish a metaverse playground that enables users to immerse themselves in various activities with Dalgomz in The Sandbox. Joining the Dalgomz community will offer a distinctive value proposition, encompassing both online participation in the metaverse playground and offline perks.

The partnership between the Dalgomz community and The Sandbox is dedicated to creating an innovative ecosystem that blurs the lines between Web 2 and Web 3. We invite you to have a blast in the metaverse playground, take advantage of the tourism perks in the Seorak region, and create unforgettable memories. This collaboration will enable us to establish a stronger partnership and embark on an exciting journey toward the future. Stay tuned for more experiences and benefits that will emerge from this exciting initiative.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Dalgomz NFT project on The Sandbox, the largest metaverse platform worldwide. Dalgomz NFTs are unique as they incorporate IRL benefits, adding to their appeal. By harnessing the capabilities of Web 2 to deliver a metaverse playground and tangible benefits, we anticipate our community expanding even further, and we’re committed to making that happen. Please keep an eye out for updates on The Sandbox and Dalgomz project, as we continue to develop innovative solutions for the Web 3 space.” — Dalgomz CEO, YONG-MIN PARK

K-verse Builder Studio


Our main goal is to provide a one-stop solution from metaverse real estate landing to marketing planning ,metaverse production.

Alpha Squad

In the hope that if you run hard, you will soon be at the forefront. It is a compound word of ‘alpha’ meaning first of all and ‘squad’ meaning a group.


Gu’reum is a builder studio and agency based in South Korea that is passionate about creating imaginary and culturally engaging worlds within the Sandbox metaverse. We strongly believe in empowering creators with the freedom to express their imagination to the fullest, while ensuring profitability and stability through sound management and financing.

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