Jul 06, 2023 - 2 min read


How to claim your Real Baklava with a Baklava Ticket?

Many thanks to those who participated in the Month of Sharing!

The rewards for the event have been distributed. Congratulations to all the winners! The rewards for the Month of Sharing event included the “Real Baklava” reward. Baklava Ticket winners will receive real baklava. Let’s see how to create the order.

Users who have a Baklava ticket must first Claim the ticket from the claims page in The Sandbox.

Now that you have the Ticket, you can proceed to the site (claimbaklava.io/) we have created for ordering.

First, you must connect your wallet in The Sandbox to the site.

If you have a baklava ticket, proceed to step 2. The Burn button will become active.

You have to pay a gas fee for Burn and confirm the transaction from your wallet.

After completing the necessary wallet approvals, you can proceed to the order creation step.

You must answer the questions in the form that appears completely and correctly. You will not have a chance to change your order details.

You have successfully created the order and now you can wait for your real baklava order to be delivered to your address.

This is based on the IRL product that will be sent from Turkey to your country. You have until July 5th 2PM UTC to claim and order. Orders created after this date will not be considered valid.

Enjoy, and see you soon in the metaverse!

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