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The Metaverse is Now Open!

At The Sandbox's first Global Creators’ Day on 3 November, 2023, Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget announced that the metaverse is now open, allowing LAND owners with completed experiences to launch them instantaneously onto The Sandbox’s map.


  • LAND owners: If your experience is completed, you can now publish it instantaneously by following the instructions here.
  • Creators: You can share your experience info with the world and build your community by publishing your very own experience page.
  • Players: Get ready for more original content through UGC-powered experiences.
  • This update fully opens the metaverse to user-generated content (UGC). This is a pivotal advancement in accelerating UGC to unleash the creative potential of game producers on the platform.

The Sandbox organized its first Global Creators Day in Hong Kong on November 3, 2023 to announce a series of major updates for the platform’s ecosystem.

Among the major announcements was the ability for any LAND owner with a completed experience to launch it directly on The Sandbox’s map without having to apply for early access.

If you are a builder or LAND owner, you can share your creations with the world today through the following steps.

Launch your Experience

Think your experience is ready to welcome players to your LAND? Get started now by following the instructions here.

Create your Experience Page

Regardless of whether you have LAND or not, you can already share your trailer, experience description, and more on a dedicated page. Once your experience page is ready, you can share it via a unique URL and start engaging your community.

Publish your Experience Page on the Map

If you are a LAND owner and your experience is ready to share with the world, you can:

  • Make your experience visible on the map at your LAND’s location
  • Enable you to share the experience’s unique URL with players and your community and start promoting it

Now that the metaverse is open, we look forward to seeing all the amazing creations our community will share with the world. Players, keep an eye out for a major influx of UGC experiences from our community.

Whether you’re a builder or player, there has never been a better time to enter The Sandbox! Get the Game Maker, VoxEdit, and The Sandbox game client at and get started today!

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