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Nov 30, 2022 - 2 min read

NFT Collections

The Pickaxe Master — NFT Collection

The Pickaxe Master is a treasure mining game in The Sandbox metaverse.

The game concept was initially inspired by The Pickaxe Master board game. This is the first board game adaptation in The Sandbox metaverse!

The Pickaxe Master is a fun and detailed mining game, where you can exchange your resources for SAND hold and use them to craft new NFT’s. You choose!

The Pickaxe Master is designed to embrace and implement utility into the NFT’s, starting with the Base Pickaxes. — Player’s will unlock P2E game modes. — The first P2E game will be The Sandbox Mining Seasons which will happen on the Misty Mountain map.

The Misty Mountain is a sacred mountain filled with magical crystals and runes. Those runes were built and then sealed by the Dwarf Deities in the Ancient times.

Thanks to the crystals’ magic, the mountain is an endless source of minerals. To control and seal the cystals’ magic power and, the Dwarf Deities created 5 powerful artifacts. Before they passed away, they also place a protection spell that summon the Guardian Golems whenever someone tries to mine the crystals.

A village was born nearby the Misty Mountain and Dwarfs mined happily through centuries there.

Now it’s your turn to dig in the metaverse!

The Pickaxe Master game is still under development, stay tuned for more updates on the project.

Grab your Pickaxe and go mine!

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