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The Sandbox Voxel Madness LAND Sale

The Sandbox is excited to roll out its first LAND sale of 2023. Welcome to Voxel Madness!


  • The LAND sale raffle will start on February 14th at 3PM UTC;
  • The Voxel Madness LAND sale will start on February 21st at 12PM UTC;
  • 13 brands will be joining the metaverse;
  • Participants will need to have at least 1,011 SAND in their wallets to enter the raffle.
  • 385 LANDs will be for sale;
  • 45 Premium LANDs will be sold with a bundle of exclusive NFTs;
  • 12 ESTATEs will be auctioned via OpenSea;
  • 34 1x1 LANDs will be auctioned via OpenSea.

Strap in, we’re going on a voxel adventure. On February 14th at 3PM UTC, we will unveil a new location of our metaverse. Partners old and new claimed their stake in our metaverse and one thing is for sure, this LAND sale is going to be insane!

Don’t miss the opportunity to land a spot near Ledger, Dogami, Voxies, Tap Nation, Invicible, Kongregate, Habbo, Madballs, Cut the Rope, Dungeon Siege, Hermit Crab studios, Playground studios and Alien Worlds.

Sign in now: https://register.sandbox.game/voxel-madness

LAND sale process

Don’t forget that, to be eligible to participate in this upcoming LAND sale, you will now need to have a KYCed account.

We will be running two raffles per wave. One for users that want to purchase a regular LANDs and one for those that want to purchase a premium LAND.

Both raffles will be run in the same manner for each wave, with the Premium raffle going first for Premium LANDs closer to IPs, and the regular raffle going afterward.

Yes, you can register for both raffles in a wave!

More questions? Check out our FAQ!

Randomized location

Upon purchase, the LANDs included in each wave will be distributed randomly among the pool of buyers that won the raffle. Regular raffle winners receive the opportunity to buy a Regular LAND and Premium winners receive the opportunity to buy a Premium LAND.

Embark on your voxel adventure now: https://register.sandbox.game/voxel-madness

See you in the metaverse!

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