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VoxaMech’s Mecha Gear — NFT Collection

A new set of Mecha Gears is within your reach : Imperial Kabutoshi Set is a symbol of unrivaled authority and prestige, embodying the majestic grandeur of an ancient imperial beetle. Its resplendent armor exudes regal elegance, while its imposing presence commands respect on the battlefield.

Get yours NOW: https://www.sandbox.game/en/collections/voxamech-nft-collection/50/

Each set is composed of Arms, Chest, Helmet, Legs and Sword. Each equipment is sold separately.

Ronin Kabutomushi Set

Mecha Gear: Ronin Kabutomushi Set embodies the spirit of a solitary warrior beetle, wandering the battlefield with unmatched agility. Its swift movements and lethal precision make it a formidable force, capable of defeating enemies with a single swift strike

Yokai Kamakiri Set

Mecha Gear: Yokai Kamakiri Set channels the supernatural energy of a yokai beetle, wielding dark powers that defy explanation. Its menacing presence and relentless attacks strike terror into the hearts of adversaries, leaving them paralyzed with fear

Shogun Kuwagata

Mecha Gear: Shogun Kuwagata Set unleashes the indomitable strength of a legendary samurai beetle. With its razor-sharp pincers and impenetrable armor, it dominates the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of foes

Daimyo Rinhaku

Mecha Gear: Daimyo Rinhaku Set personifies the noble leader, adorned in ornate armor reminiscent of a feudal lord beetle. Its strategic brilliance and versatile arsenal make it a master tactician, dominating the battlefield and inspiring allies to victory

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