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Latest releases

NEW!!! 0.10 - May 16th, 2024

0.9 - Feb 16th, 2024

0.8 - Oct 19th, 2023

0.7 - Nov 8th, 2022

0.10 - May 29th, 2024

Version NEW!!! 0.10

Last updated on May 16th, 2024

NEW!!! 0.10.8 - May 16th, 2024

PATCH UPDATE - Game Maker 0.10.8

A short patch for the Game Maker!

We are here to patch up a few issues for the Game Maker for your convenience! 

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • General exceptions and crashes were addressed.
  • UI - 'Stop' button doesn't revert to 'Play' in Post Process and Weather Switcher. This has been addressed.
  • Advanced Platform - “Message on arrive” was delayed, it now works properly.
  • Avatar Spawner - It was not possible to duplicate it (Ctrl+D) on migrated 0.9 experiences.
  • Projectile Behavior - Child asset with projectile behavior was being destroyed right after launch instead of on collision.
  • Message Inspector - Logic Assets were incorrectly located on the bottom of the map.
  • Preview - Weather Switcher preview wasn't stopping when deselecting the asset.
  • Indicator - Display Interaction: improve detection for display.
  • Health Bar - set to be displayed always was hidden after the asset respawns.
  • Speaker Component - Look At Target doesn't stop looking at the target.
  • Workspace - Create new Experience - Analytics hook was being sent with empty "from" field.
  • Interaction Indicator was not working if not directly facing the pivot's front.
  • Avatar Teleportation caused by a Timed Event was not working on 0.10.6.
  • Added a 0.10 version filter for the Gallery.
  • Indicator (SP & MP) - Enriched text for 'Custom Text' for 'Display Interaction' was not being interpreted.
  • Templates - Damaging enemies on Templates was not work correctly.
  • Changing the Custom Avatar parameters was breaking the Roll/Dash action.
  • Create Experience Page popup was disabling some key binds.
  • Animated Decoration -'Message At End' was being triggered immediately when the animation was being interrupted.
  • Projectile "Destroy after collision" was not working if the asset had no collision (Asset was phasing through assets and blocks).
  • Multi behavior's blocks were being persisted on the experience when the user exits play mode.

We hope that these fixes makes your game creation better.

Without further ado, we will leave you to create awesome experiences and games! 

Have fun!

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