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VoxEdit features


Make the most of your creativity! From beginners to experts, anyone can make amazing creations thanks to our robust set of tools and our user-friendly interface.


A game changer in the voxel creation world. With our Skeleton System, VoxEdit allows you to rig and animate anything that you want using the timeline via an easy-to-use keyframing mode.

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Sell, trade, and buy VoxEdit assets on The Sandbox's marketplace and monetize your creations. 95% of all transactions go to you, the creator!

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What our Artists are creating

Quotes from voxel artists

VoxEdit has impressed me, since it's the fusion of a modeling editor with an animation system all in the same software.

William Santacruz- Professional Voxel Artist

William Santacruz

VoxEdit is a game changer for voxel artists looking to animate, being the only dedicated voxel editor that features skeletal rigging and timeline animation.

Alex Florez- Professional Voxel Artist

Alex Florez

One of the easiest tools to create animations in voxel art, with an attractive and a very simple easy-to-use interface for beginners.

Nicolas Morrone- Professional Voxel Artist

Nicolas Morrone


August 29, 2022 - Public Beta Release


  • Login (for Content Collab feature)
  • Animation Channels!
  • Ability to toggle between per axis and SLERP (spherical linear interpolation, i.e: what we had before) for multi axis rotations
  • Automated SLERP toggle to keep old behaviour for most animators
  • Reference frames for translation (World, Parent, Object)
  • Camera POV widget
  • Color, node name and channel filters for timeline
  • Delete Material button in Material panel
  • Append Palette in Palette header menu
  • Circle and Sphere tools for Modeler and Block Editor
  • Value dragging and arrows for Inspector transform text fields
  • Double clicking a node in the viewport now edits it's attached model
  • Floor grid toggle for Animator
  • "Solo Layer" mode for Modeler
  • Upload Popup


  • New and improved themes!
  • Tab system for Library and Inspector
  • Vertical layout for Inspector, with new/delete keyframe per channel buttons
  • Save and Save As in File menu
  • Button to remove recent file from list
  • Picker tool now works on any visible voxel, not just the active layer's ones
  • Opening a rig now sets the camera to fit
  • Camera now works better, makes it almost impossible to lock itself inside of geometry
  • Added shortcuts to Sync To/From MagicaVoxel (ctrl/cmd+m, shift+ctrl/cmd+m)
  • Added shortcut to Return to Rig from editing a model (esc)
  • Added shortcut to copy from/paste to currently focused textfield (ctrl/cmd + c/v)
  • Shorter rows in Timeline
  • Better Animator floor grid
  • Updated links to Marketplace, Tutorials, Guidelines, etc
  • New Language Selector UI
  • Added Move In Plane widget for selected voxel movement
  • Selected voxel edges are now shown in new "see through" mode
  • Orthographic camera is better
  • In shortest editor window, Modeler toolbar changes it's layout to be in two columns
  • Voxel and node count for Animator


  • Animation max length is now 30 seconds
  • Removed Long Way Rotation (backwards compatibility kept by autoadding a middle keyframe)
  • Removed Local Transforms (backwards compatibility by adding a child node that is transformed using the original local transform and attaching the node's model to it instead)
  • GLTF is now exporting all animations for animated assets, not only the ones that have more keyframes
  • Removed Keep Position through Rotation unintuitive feature
  • Node names are now limited to 24 characters
  • New Animations now take first frame pose from the current pose
  • VoxEdit now only runs as a single instance
  • New Keyframe is disabled while playing an animation
  • Inspector IK values are no longer editable while playing an animation
  • Timeline rows are now a bit shorter
  • Removed "Scroll Layer" buttons from Modeler viewport (easier to work with the Translation widget)
  • Moving Keyframe at frame 0 now copies it


  • Syncing from MagicaVoxel now selects the correct active material
  • Fixed issues with operative system locale and Inspector transform text fields
  • Fixed scroll areas not resetting when resized
  • Attaching/detaching panels now close all modals
  • Deleting a layer now ensures that there is an active layer afterwards
  • Loop and Zoom bars are now much better behaved
  • Detached panels now enforce a min size
  • Undo and redo no longer break selected voxels in Modeler
  • Zoom to fit now shows at least 2 seconds
  • Recovered most functionality while animation is playing
  • Editor no longer crashes when stress clicking attach/detach panel buttons
  • Skeleton now trims down too long node names.
  • Save Confirmation popup trims down too long filenames
  • Text in Welcome Screen has better readability now
  • Opening a non existant recent file no longer crashes VE
  • Default theme no longer has the same color for the grid and the background in the Animator
  • Using Bucket tool in Paint or Erase mode outside of the volume in 2D views no longer crashes the editor
  • Frame tool didn't create an Undo step
  • New Keyframe will no longer add them to read only template nodes
  • Camera reset was changing the near and far planes
  • Block Editor kept old undo steps inbetween sessions
  • Screen Rect tool in Block Editor now renders rectangle on top
  • 2D views now update properly when the user cancels an action
  • Select mode with Face tool on empty space in 2D view no longer crashes the editor
  • Screen Rect tool in 2D views was mirrored on X in TOP and BOTTOM views
  • Next Keyframe button and shortcut now work properly
  • Copying/Pasting Keyframes no longer crash the editor
  • Tweaking an IK constrain was making it invisible
  • Moving Keyframes in a dettached Timeline while the animation is running no longer crashes VE
  • Moving/copying keyframes now create an undo step
  • Palette header menus are now correctly rendered for a dettached Palette panel
  • Adding/deleting layers now move the scroll properly
  • Deleting a model kept it's thumbnail in the cache
  • Opening a VXM now sets the first visible layer to be active
  • Bucket tool with SELECT/PAINT/ERASE mode wasn't working well on the RIGHT/BOTTOM/BACK bounds of the volume
  • Keyframe rect selection now works even if the left bound is behind the zero frame
  • Loading a non palette PNG as a palette no longer overwrites the first slot with a white material
  • Deleting VXMs from Library and importing/creating new ones with the same name will no longer show old thumbnail
  • Having a different decimal separator than "." set in the OS's regional settings no longer crashes VE
  • Creating decorative nodes for assets made based on decorable templates no longer crashes VE
  • Load Palette from a dettached Palette panel no longer crashes VE
  • Screen Rect tool now works properly in 2D views
  • Dragging/copying a KF on top of another now overwrites it properly
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Play by the Rules!


The default size is 32x32x32, which translates to 1 meter (3.2 ft) in The Sandbox Universe.

32x32x32 is the maximum detail available to make inside a cubic meter. An avatar will be about 2 blocks in height (64 Voxels).

VoxEdit comes with a lot of templates to help you get started with your creations, however, please take a look at our technical guidelines to make sure your assets will work in the best way in the Game maker.

Introducing the $2 million Creator fund


Here's how it works

  • First, you'll sign up so we can evaluate your work, as we want to encourage the best voxel ASSETS
  • Get paid for each asset you make AND get 100% of profits from each of your sales!
  • Overall goal for the fund is to generate 10,000 voxel ASSETS for the game
  • In addition to the grant, you'll be able to sell your creations to players when The Sandbox launches

The program is limited to the first 1,000 artists accepted, so sign up today for a chance to enjoy the benefits!

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