VoxEdit Changelog

New Release - December 18th 2023

What´s New?

- Palette Panel Enhancements: The Palette Panel now supports multi-selection, drag & drop, screen color picker, and gradient creation tools. This enhancement brings more efficient color management and expands creative possibilities.

- Bookmark Management: You can now efficiently organize and access your projects with the new Bookmark Management feature.

- Viewport Background Color Toggle: We've added a feature to toggle background colors in the viewport, allowing for a more comfortable and customizable workspace environment.


- Equipment Node & Face count: Equipment templates have been updated to show only the node and face count of equipment assets, more accurately displaying the important information.

- Viewport Grid Enhancement: Orthographic grids have been added to all viewcube planes in the viewport, providing a better scale reference and aiding in spatial orientation.

- Extended Modeler Mirror Planes: Mirror planes in the Modeler now extend beyond volume boundaries, offering a clearer reference for modeling and texturing activities.

- Create/Erase Quick Toggle: Boost your modeling speed with the 'springloaded' SHFT shortcut for seamless switching between Create and Erase tools.

- Camera Orbit Point: Orbiting point follows your asset around the scene.


- Animator's Viewport Orbit Point: The orbit point issue in the Animator's viewport has been resolved, resulting in improved camera control.

- VXM Name Crash: We've fixed the crash that occurred due to case sensitivity in VXM naming.

- Voxel Duplication: Fixed the duplication of newly added voxels when working with existing models.

- Undo Function in Shared Palettes: Undo is now fixed when making color changes in shared palettes.

New Release - October 25th 2023 - Beta 55645b7e

What´s New?

- New language added to VoxEdit: German.

- Minor fixes

New Release - September 20th 2023 - Beta Public Version 319df3a


What´s New?

- New Timeslider Keyframes: Now, your animation keyframes are also grouped in the timeslider for streamlined bulk selection and editing directly from the timeslider.

- Clutter Free Camera Navigation: You can now orbit and pan your scene without the gizmo or bounding boxes interfering.

- Selected Node & Face Count: You can now see how many nodes and faces are selected directly in the viewport.

- User Default Palette: You can now set your favorite palette as the Default palette.


- Asset export: Texture optimization for game export.

- Timeline curve menu heading: Text "Animation" changed to "Interpolation."

- Timeline contextual menu: "Send to All" changed to "Apply to All."

- Camera zoom shortcut: Smooth zooming now possible with CTRL/CMD+RMB drag.

- Animator: Shortcut for "Deselect All" added. CTRL/CMD+W

- Node & Face count warning: Updated to align with VoxEdit academy.

- Node Pivot Point Icon: Users can now identify the pivot point location in Rigger camera mode.

- Keyboard shortcut: Added for "Create Child Node" in Skeleton Panel.

- VoxEdit's standard palette: Updated and replaced, check it our on new models.

- Library models: Now sorted alphanumerically by name.


- Viewport display: Fixed the display of wireframes; now they are occluded behind models.

- Sync with MagicaVoxel: Colors for large rigs not updating immediately in VoxEdit.

- Volume rendering: Fix applied to volume floor and ceiling rendering in orthographic camera mode.

- Volume tool: Fix for when voxel is trimmed to 1 voxel and can't be adjusted.

- Modeler gizmo: Updated to only show positive axis arrows.

- Move tool gizmo size: Resolved issue of it being too large when editing models on a big rig.

- Voxel selection with edit volume tool: Issue fixed.

- Volume resizer description: Added missing helpline.

- Volume resizer shortcut: (V) is now displayed on hover.

- VXR hierarchy import: Resolved conflict with shared palettes.

- 'Reset view' button: Mismatch between modules resolved.

- Node and model naming: Restored automatic renaming in "Flip X-Axis" function.

- Block editor module: Resolved inversion of "Import" and "Export" icons.

- Asset screenshot: Issue of including part of ghost rig resolved.

May 31st, 2023 - Public Beta 55b2e188 Release

May 31st 2023 - Introducing Our Exciting New Update! Beta 55b2e188

Get ready for a game-changing upgrade that enhances your creative experience with powerful features and improvements designed to boost your productivity and enjoyment.

What's New?

  • Palette Sharing: Effortlessly edit model and asset colors across multiple models with shared palettes for super-fast updates.
  • MacOS Ventura Support: VoxEdit is back in action on MacOS, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality.
  • New Camera Navigation: Seamlessly navigate while editing models, mirroring the navigation experience in the Animator module.
  • Model Check: Easily identify problem areas with our new toggle feature, streamlining your workflow.
  • Edit Volume Interactive Mode: Enhanced for a smoother user experience.
  • Trim Volume Tool: Quickly access this essential tool in the library toolbar.
  • Content Selection: A more visually appealing interface for better user experience.
  • Framework Update: [Please note that detachable panels are temporarily unavailable.]


  • Faster Large File Loading: Less waiting time means more time for creating!
  • Select All Library Models: Completing the Select All experience, Ctrl/CMD+A now enables selection of all models in the library panel.
  • Enlarged Node Icons: Easily identify assigned models to Node types in the Skeleton and Library panels.
  • Modeler Access: Instantly enter the Modeler by double-clicking a node with a model in the Skeleton Panel.
  • Animation Preservation: Retain selected Animations when using the 'delete all animations but current one' button.
  • Isolated Move & Rotate Axis: Non-selected axis disappears when in use, reducing screen clutter.
  • Increased Viewcube Size: Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing change and easier interaction.
  • Delete Backup VXM Models: Keep your asset folder organized and clutter-free.
  • New Icons: Template and Forbidden node icons added to panels for clearer identification.
  • Inspector Panel: Options become inactive during animation playback for a focused experience.
  • Contextual Menu: Displays inactive functions when not available, reducing confusion.
  • Loading Pop Up: Display to indicate VoxEdit is working for you


  • Imported VXR Files: Resolves integration issues with equipment template scenes for smoother workflows.
  • Filename Update: Automatically updates after "Save As" action, ensuring accuracy and preventing file misplacement.
  • Overwrite Warning: Prevents unintentional overwrites with alerts for existing asset names, protecting your work.
  • Animation Button: Removes the active playback state on static animations.
  • Flip Rig Tool: Fix for animation, resolving rig flipping issues and maintaining tool functionality.

Previous Releases

March 20th 2023 - Patch Release

New Features

  • Animation offset function
  • Library - "Delete Backup Models" Feature


  • Templates - Lock renaming animations for certain templates.
  • Animator - Viewport Rectangle Selection Includes Models Outside Selection Area.
  • Animator - CTRL / CMD click in the Skeleton Panel not working for multiselection.
  • Animator - Template nodes get renamed along with Normal ones in multiselection.
  • Animator - [Save File] VXR Title Name Not Updated in Animator After Using "Save As" Feature.
  • Modeler - Arrow Keys Move Voxels When "Save Selected Voxels" Popup Is Visible.

February 28th 2023 - Patch Release


  • Fixed issue with gray man exporting to the Dashboard with equipment.
  • Fixed crash when exporting assets to Marketplace with duplicated animation IDs.
  • Fixed Autofocus on active animation on opening VXR files.
  • Fixed issue with VE not preparing GLTF files properly for rigs with interactive nodes.


  • Login credentials changed to show Username only.
  • Login credentials needed to upload assets.
  • Improved camera near plane in orthographic mode.
  • Enhanced rectangle selection in Viewport to select models behind or inside other models.
  • Added default layout for first-time users.
  • Autoscroll added no newly created animation.
  • Autoscroll added to active animation when opening a file for the first time

August 29, 2022 - Public Beta Release


  • Login (for Content Collab feature)
  • Animation Channels!
  • Ability to toggle between per axis and SLERP (spherical linear interpolation, i.e: what we had before) for multi axis rotations
  • Automated SLERP toggle to keep old behaviour for most animators
  • Reference frames for translation (World, Parent, Object)
  • Camera POV widget
  • Color, node name and channel filters for timeline
  • Delete Material button in Material panel
  • Append Palette in Palette header menu
  • Circle and Sphere tools for Modeler and Block Editor
  • Value dragging and arrows for Inspector transform text fields
  • Double clicking a node in the viewport now edits it's attached model
  • Floor grid toggle for Animator
  • "Solo Layer" mode for Modeler
  • Upload Popup


  • New and improved themes!
  • Tab system for Library and Inspector
  • Vertical layout for Inspector, with new/delete keyframe per channel buttons
  • Save and Save As in File menu
  • Button to remove recent file from list
  • Picker tool now works on any visible voxel, not just the active layer's ones
  • Opening a rig now sets the camera to fit
  • Camera now works better, makes it almost impossible to lock itself inside of geometry
  • Added shortcuts to Sync To/From MagicaVoxel (ctrl/cmd+m, shift+ctrl/cmd+m)
  • Added shortcut to Return to Rig from editing a model (esc)
  • Added shortcut to copy from/paste to currently focused textfield (ctrl/cmd + c/v)
  • Shorter rows in Timeline
  • Better Animator floor grid
  • Updated links to Marketplace, Tutorials, Guidelines, etc
  • New Language Selector UI
  • Added Move In Plane widget for selected voxel movement
  • Selected voxel edges are now shown in new "see through" mode
  • Orthographic camera is better
  • In shortest editor window, Modeler toolbar changes it's layout to be in two columns
  • Voxel and node count for Animator


  • Animation max length is now 30 seconds
  • Removed Long Way Rotation (backwards compatibility kept by autoadding a middle keyframe)
  • Removed Local Transforms (backwards compatibility by adding a child node that is transformed using the original local transform and attaching the node's model to it instead)
  • GLTF is now exporting all animations for animated assets, not only the ones that have more keyframes
  • Removed Keep Position through Rotation unintuitive feature
  • Node names are now limited to 24 characters
  • New Animations now take first frame pose from the current pose
  • VoxEdit now only runs as a single instance
  • New Keyframe is disabled while playing an animation
  • Inspector IK values are no longer editable while playing an animation
  • Timeline rows are now a bit shorter
  • Removed "Scroll Layer" buttons from Modeler viewport (easier to work with the Translation widget)
  • Moving Keyframe at frame 0 now copies it


  • Syncing from MagicaVoxel now selects the correct active material
  • Fixed issues with operative system locale and Inspector transform text fields
  • Fixed scroll areas not resetting when resized
  • Attaching/detaching panels now close all modals
  • Deleting a layer now ensures that there is an active layer afterwards
  • Loop and Zoom bars are now much better behaved
  • Detached panels now enforce a min size
  • Undo and redo no longer break selected voxels in Modeler
  • Zoom to fit now shows at least 2 seconds
  • Recovered most functionality while animation is playing
  • Editor no longer crashes when stress clicking attach/detach panel buttons
  • Skeleton now trims down too long node names.
  • Save Confirmation popup trims down too long filenames
  • Text in Welcome Screen has better readability now
  • Opening a non existant recent file no longer crashes VE
  • Default theme no longer has the same color for the grid and the background in the Animator
  • Using Bucket tool in Paint or Erase mode outside of the volume in 2D views no longer crashes the editor
  • Frame tool didn't create an Undo step
  • New Keyframe will no longer add them to read only template nodes
  • Camera reset was changing the near and far planes
  • Block Editor kept old undo steps inbetween sessions
  • Screen Rect tool in Block Editor now renders rectangle on top
  • 2D views now update properly when the user cancels an action
  • Select mode with Face tool on empty space in 2D view no longer crashes the editor
  • Screen Rect tool in 2D views was mirrored on X in TOP and BOTTOM views
  • Next Keyframe button and shortcut now work properly
  • Copying/Pasting Keyframes no longer crash the editor
  • Tweaking an IK constrain was making it invisible
  • Moving Keyframes in a dettached Timeline while the animation is running no longer crashes VE
  • Moving/copying keyframes now create an undo step
  • Palette header menus are now correctly rendered for a dettached Palette panel
  • Adding/deleting layers now move the scroll properly
  • Deleting a model kept it's thumbnail in the cache
  • Opening a VXM now sets the first visible layer to be active
  • Bucket tool with SELECT/PAINT/ERASE mode wasn't working well on the RIGHT/BOTTOM/BACK bounds of the volume
  • Keyframe rect selection now works even if the left bound is behind the zero frame
  • Loading a non palette PNG as a palette no longer overwrites the first slot with a white material
  • Deleting VXMs from Library and importing/creating new ones with the same name will no longer show old thumbnail
  • Having a different decimal separator than "." set in the OS's regional settings no longer crashes VE
  • Creating decorative nodes for assets made based on decorable templates no longer crashes VE
  • Load Palette from a dettached Palette panel no longer crashes VE
  • Screen Rect tool now works properly in 2D views
  • Dragging/copying a KF on top of another now overwrites it properly

November 11th, 2021 - Public Beta Release


  • This long requested feature is now available for MacOS users too


  • Panel now allows for layer reordering via drag n drop
  • We now support 16 layers (might get a bit slow for large volumes in low-end hardware)
  • Palette panel can now be collapsed to make room for a larger Layers panel


  • IK bones visibility in Rigger (only visible with IK enabled)
  • Depth view toggle in Modeler's 2D views


  • It clears ALL of the editor's configuration to default settings, fixing possible issues with retro compatibility or monitors being plugged in/out between sessions.


  • New MacOS app icon
  • Made MacOS pkg simpler and more compatible
  • Pen and Screen Rect tool now work in deselect mode
  • Right-clicking a gizmo no longer sends the camera to orbit the floor behind it, but orbits the gizmo itself
  • Select and Delete Keyframes do no longer work while the animation is playing
  • Timeline now collapses, expands, detaches, and reattaches properly
  • "Send to All" feature now has a confirmation popup
  • Inspector fields now check for errors taking into account the user's regional settings
  • Importing PNG as block side no longer keeps only used materials in the palette
  • Importing multiple PNGs as block sides now update the palette properly


  • Select/Translate/Rotate in Animator (1, 2, 3)
  • Previous/next frame in Animator (Left/Right arrow)
  • Previous/next keyframe in Animator (Ctrl/Cmd+Left/Right arrow)
  • Tools in Block Editor (QWERT)
  • Reset camera in Block Editor (F)
  • Toggle Long Way Rotation for selected interpolations (I)


  • Crash when deleting 10th IK constraint
  • Crash when saving a multi-layer model where the background layers have a smaller bounding box than the ones above
  • Static assets that used two materials with the same color but one being emissive now will look right ingame
  • Exporting an animation now saves the current state of the selected animation and not the one from the last save operation


  • 2D views in Modeler now update properly when charging a material
  • Clicking outside 2D views no longer affect the model in any way
  • Frame tool now shows properly in 2D views
  • Brightened darkest 2D view depth cue
  • Layer rename field now has a character limit
  • Layer buttons no longer reset to default dark color when changing layer order
  • Play button now shows Pause icon while the animation plays
  • Grid line color in Animator gets its color from the current theme
  • Zoom/Loop bar handles now gets their color from the current accent
  • Default animation is now clearly marked visually
  • Keyframe stretch bars are now visible again, and drag properly
  • Quad edge view is no longer wrongfully visible in the Animator
  • Save button in Preferences no longer closes popup
  • Shortcut input field is now wide enough for most localized key names
  • Ctrl/Cmd and Shift shortcut buttons now take their background color from the current theme, and are wide enough to show their captions properly
  • Shortcut key field now gets it's background color from the current theme
  • Templates search field now has a character limit
  • Replaced collapse/expand icons to make them clearer to the user
  • Added missing footers for detached Material and Block Side panels
  • Added many, MANY missing undo points, and many tooltips to UI components.

August 28th, 2021 - Public Beta Release


  • 20000% speed improvement when selecting many voxels at once in the Modeler.


  • Loading a VXR file now scrubs a deprecated mirrored flag from the asset.



  • UI Combo controls can now be collapsed by clicking on the combo again.


  • Big fix for Undo in some corner cases (still missing some though).
  • Importing a VOX file as a Rig no longer adds some weird keyframe data into the first frame.
  • On Syncing From MagicaVoxel, we now do our best to honor the pivot position (but keep in mind that you shouldn't change the volume size in MV).


  • Can now keep only the Layers panel attached without the Viewport overlapping it.
  • Upscaling/downscaling a model while having 2D views now updates their cameras to still view the model.
  • Using New Palette now keeps materials used in all layers.

Block Editor:

  • Ortho views and Block Faces are now labeled correctly.

June 22nd, 2021 - Public Beta Release


Sync To/From MagicaVoxel (found in Animator File menu):

  • You can Sync To MV, edit the models there, save and Sync From to get the changes back into VoxEdit.

Decorative nodes in template based assets:

  • You can now add childs to nodes in template based assets and animate them.

Autosave/Backup system:

  • Asset will save automatically every 10 minutes as a backup, which can be loaded from the Recent Files card.

Shortcut Quick Guide

  • Displays all active shortcuts in an overlay.
  • Can be opened with the keyboard button on the right side of the menu bar, or by pressing the H key.

Theming support for viewport background and grid line colors:

  • We'll have some whole UI themes on the next release.

Added a collidable flag for Animator's nodes

  • As an artist, you can now select which nodes should be collideable ingame.
  • This is not yet implemented in the Game, but your assets will be compatible once it's done.

"List style" layout for File Browser

  • Just like in any file browser, now you can choose a layout that allows you to see much more files and folders.

New things found on the Animator's Library or on its menu cards

  • "Replace", which loads VXM and VOX and replaces the model with it.
  • "Delete Unattached", which cleans up your project by deleting the models that are not attached to the rig.
  • "Export as VOX", a small shortcut to create a MagicaVoxel compatible file from a model directly in the Animator.

New Shortcuts

  • "Pan Camera" (default: SPACE)
  • "Copy Keyframes" (default: C)
  • "Open Shortcut Quick Guide" (default: H)
  • "Save as New Model" in Modeler, which makes a new model with the selected voxels.


  • Interpolation type tooltip on hover.
  • Timeline readout now also shows current frame (from 0 to 479).
  • New Animator floor grid that has subdivisions up to individual voxels and extends far into the distance.
  • New Modeler checkerboard grid that looks better and is much less performance heavy.


  • Voxel volume is now rendered better, and faster. Tool previews too.
  • UI controls now detect hover only when proper.
  • No more hovering things behind popups, contextual menus or other windows.
  • No more tooltips appearing from behind those either.
  • Visual feedback in Timeline Curves popup.
  • Currently selected interpolation curve button is now shown active, only if all selected interpolations have the same curve.
  • Displacing voxels is now more intuitive.
  • Modeler 2D views now show tool previews and better support edition.
  • Windows will now show in a background color while resizing, making for a cleaner and speedier resize.
  • Duplicate node is now selected on creation.
  • Home button is now Back button if editing a Model coming from the Animator.
  • Combo controls now collapse properly by clicking on them again (Language and collapsed Timeline panel Animation List)
  • Export to Marketplace popup animation dropdown now scrolls, and it's contents are sorted alphabetically.
  • Files in File Browser are now sorted on both Windows and MacOS.


  • ENTER and TAB keys are no longer permitted to be used for shortcut chords.
  • "Delete Keyframe" shortcut is now BACKSPACE on OSX by default.


  • Fixed very large static rigs crashing the editor when trying to export.
  • Fixed low repro issue that made rigs load broken (all models placed at the origin) in a small set of systems.
  • Fixed Camera focus.
  • The editor will now keep running in the background if an animation is playing.
  • Modeler mirrors now show all of the time and not only when utilizing the tool.
  • Pasting keyframes before cutting/copying some does not crash anymore.
  • Overwriting a VXR will now delete the overwritten folder (and it's contents) first.
  • Bad Internet connectivity no longer crashes VoxEdit.
  • Fixed Apple key symbols showing crossed boxes in the Shortcuts popup. We now show key names instead.
  • Pressing ESC while the top bar menu is active does not break the menu anymore.
  • Fixed issue with Text Field error messages appearing behind other UI controls sometimes.
  • Tutorials UI now show all of the tutorials in the YouTube playlist.
  • Window UI now adapts properly after resizing.
  • When detached, Library and Inspector UI headers now adapt their window sizes.
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