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ESTATE #1 point -18, 22

Sweet Village



The sweetest town in the metaverse needs your help to get rid of the Halloween pumpkins attacking their candy world. Bounce on cotton candies, slide on lollipops, and help gummy bears in this delicious adventure.

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Unique assets included

Sweet Village donut entrance

rare 100

Sweet crane

epic 50

Star candy

rare 100

Small flan house

rare 100

Small cupcake house

rare 200

Rainbow gummy

rare 100

Pumpkin Boss

rare 2750

Mayor Candy

epic 20

Gummy Bear

rare 200

Gingerbread Store

rare 100

Gingerbread School

epic 20

Gingerbread mansion

legendary 5

Lands linked to the experience

LAND #1 Location point -18, 22




Jun 16, 2022

Last update

Nov 07, 2022

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Experience size

1 x 1

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