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People of Crypto
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8,430 Next-generation Metaverse avatars

We are building the metaversal blueprint for diversity across Web3. Our first step is a unique selection of The Sandbox metaverse avatars, all around inclusion and diversity.

United in advancing and celebrating representation, diversity and culture

The future is diverse

To ensure the advancement of black and brown women, LGBTQIA+, differently-abled, and POC individuals across Web 3.0. We envision a community where we are represented and amplified at every level from developers, creators, brands, thought leaders, founders, and collectors.

The future is diverse

Express yourself in the metaverse

In addition to be fully playable avatars in The Sandbox, POC Avatars will give holders the ability to display their sexual orientation and pronouns. You decide who you want to be!

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Each Avatar will be playable inside The Sandbox, starting with the upcoming Alpha Season 3. Get your Avatar, jump into the game and share your avatar with the world!In addition we will also host POC exclusive events and Play & Earn activities for avatar holders.

A chance to get Unique avatars

First ever customizable sandbox avatars celebrating representation, diversity and inclusion. POC has been on a mission to have a positive impact around the world


Be Creative

This is no marketing gimmick. Each avatar trait has been designed by a diverse team with inclusion in mind, resulting in 100+ unique avatar traits.


Be Yourself

Choose your identity in the metaverse and display your orientation and affinity through your digital avatar. A first of its kind, possible in The Sandbox!


Be Unique

Included in the collection is a limited amount of hand-crafted 1:1 avatars. Who will be the lucky person?


How many People of Crypto(POC) Avatars are there?

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How many POC Avatars can I mint per wallet address?

When can I discover what POC Avatar I minted?

Can I mint using any wallet?

What can I do with the POC Avatars?

How can I use my People of Crypto Avatar during the Alpha?

Does owning the POC Avatar grant me other perks?

Where can I buy an avatar after the initial sale is over?

How do I get welcomelisted?

How do I know if I'm welcomelisted?

How many POC Avatars can I mint as a welcomelisted user?

My Avatar(s) is not revealed yet on OpenSea. What can I do?

Buying NFT for the first time, how can I get started?

Can I customize my avatar?

What impact does customization have on the game?

How does choosing the identity and orientation of an avatar work?

Do they need to pay every time they want to customize an avatar?

Can I customize multiple avatars at the same time?

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