The Sandbox is user-generated content platform powered by blockchain technology, where creators will be able to craft, play, share, and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn cryptocurrency!

Existing voxel games are highly centralized and do not allow voxel artists to receive the full value for their work. The Sandbox is taking a unique decentralized and user-centric approach to offer more to artists.

Pixowl is introducing “SAND”, a new cryptocurrency based on Ethereum´s ERC-20 token standard. It will give millions of voxel artists and game creators the required tools to generate revenue from their virtual creations on The Sandbox platform and marketplace. SAND tokens will allow creators to buy & trade several types of unique digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) that will be available on The Sandbox platform. SAND will allow users to begin trading user-generated content in the marketplace.

We are open to accepting other main crypto-currencies as long as they are traded in the largest exchanges.

Revenue in The Sandbox will be generated through three streams:
- Transaction Fees: Creators will receive 100% of the selling price they set for their creations, with The Sandbox charging a small commision based on the asset selling price to the buyer on top of this to support marketplace upkeep and for the development of new features.
- Content sales: While in-game creators will create a large percentage of items in the game, Pixowl will also create core assets that can be sold to players. These assets will be of high quality and will form the ‘building blocks’ many players will use initially.
- In-game Advertising: Billboards and click-through ads will be available. In addition, opportunities for branded or theme worlds—for instance, a world dedicated to an upcoming film—will be made available to license holders for a negotiated fee.

SAND is the main token of The Sandbox ecosystem and the only one based on the ERC-20 standard; it is our intention to make it the only fungible token and sole currency of the ecosystem. Without it, users will not be able to publish ASSETS or BOXES in the marketplace.

SAND is a utility token since it gives access to all the diferent products in the marketplace to potential users of the platform. It also gives players access to any special features or content on BOXES through microtransactions or subscriptions.

SAND is a utility token since it gives access to all the diferent products in the marketplace to potential users of the platform. It also gives players access to any special features or content on BOXES through microtransactions or subscriptions.

ASSETS are Non-Fungible Tokens based on the ERC-1155 standard and are thus NOT limited. However, we do charge a small fee upon upload to the marketplace to discourage low quality ASSETS and even copycats. This small fee will be more than covered by creators when they sell their ASSETS for a profit.

There are many factors that can affect ASSET prices, just as goods are affected in other marketplaces. For example, if the ASSET creator becomes well known demand for his or her creations may increase, driving up the value. If a game style becomes popular and many BOXES are being created to feature it, ASSETS that work well in that game style may go up in demand and price. Other factors such as seasonal demand can increase the value of certain assets, e.g., during Halloween pumpkins, ghosts, bats, etc. could see increased demand and thus go up in value.

BOXES are Non-Fungible Tokens based on the ERC-1155 standard and are thus NOT limited. We will, however, release fixed amounts of BOXES with special properties, called Gen[N] BOXES, where [N] is the number of the generation, starting at 0. The lower the number of the generation of the BOX, the higher the revenue percentage of in-game sales that will go to creators. For example, a Gen[0] BOX gives 100% of the proceeds to the creator while higher gen numbers give an exponentially lower percentage. Market price will determine the value of these BOXES, and as time passes and more creators seek these Gen[0] BOX, the higher their value will be, so it's best to acquire them at the very beginning.

Each and every BOX is different in its content, but what will make them truly unique is the potential content users can create inside it.

A BOX could gain value as creators fill their BOX with different assets and scripts in the future to make varied, interesting gaming experiences available. As the BOX will be valued in SAND and given the scarcity effect and limited supply, the limited number of BOX issued would imply favorable conditions for a value increase over time.

If at any point a player wishes to sell their BOX, they will be able to offer the full customized package in the marketplace to any other player willing to buy it.

There can be interoperability between Marketplaces.
We will develop our API and give full support to the most important Marketplaces like OPSkins, giving creators and players the possibility to have several ways to market their creations.

We are beginning the first phase of the roadmap for The Sandbox on the blockchain, which is about:
- Making the VoxEdit tool available for Creators to make 3D voxel models and publish them as NFTs
- Deploying an online marketplace which will allow players and creators to trade NFTs and collect them in prevision of including them into their BOX worlds for creating immersive game experiences

Pixowl’s belief is that a properly integrated blockchain-based system can vastly improve both the creative user experience and economic dynamic of games with User Generated Content (UGC). By itself, such a blockchain system doesn’t make the game look any better, load any faster, or magically become more exciting to play. But when implemented into an entertaining game (which provides a fun place to play) with a large community (which provides an audience to sell and trade with) it can coalesce the experience into a more satisfying, coherent whole that can reward both players and developers.

We have our sights set on the potential benefits of interoperability, and so we are planning to allow other crypto-games and marketplaces to make use of and benefit from our $SAND token. This will allow the organic creation of an ecosystem where $SAND stands in the center of it as the main payment currency and ASSETS and BOX are the main tradeable products between different platforms.

Our BOXES will support scripts and developers only have to focus on creating original and fun experiences and publishing them on our platform, where they will have the possibility of generating cryptocurrency earnings.

We are currently hard at work developing features like a user-generated content non-fungible token marketplace for creators, and the VoxEdit editor for importing or making new creations from scratch. We are also researching the possibility to add several more features, like the possibility to share a social experience with your friends inside a BOX in real time, and building upon that feature, for creators to be able to add their own gameplay mechanics and systems through scripting tools.

Both Minecraft & Roblox have platform versions where blockchain is not supported and would require a re-engineering of their entire monetization model. The Sandbox integrates Blockchain from the ground up in a natural evolution for creators and players.