The Sandbox ゲームクライアントに関わる変更履歴


0.9 - Feb 16th, 2024

0.8 - Oct 26th, 2023

バージョン: 0.9

最終更新日: Feb 16th, 2024

0.9.11 - Feb 16th, 2024

PATCH UPDATE - Game Client 0.9.11

A short patch for the Game Client!

We are here to patch up a few issues for the Game Client for your convenience! 

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Stability: some random difficult to spot crashes have been fixed to improve overall stability of the game.
  • NFT Image Display: a problem with the interaction with the player was found and fixed.
  • Indicator: sometimes the quest indicator appeared hidden, now everyone can see it!
  • Rankings: the global rankings are now enabled and visible.
  • Font Size: the font size of the quests UI has been changed to be a bit more visible.

0.9.10 - Jan 23rd, 2024

0.9.9 - Dec 20th, 2023

0.9.8 - Dec 7th, 2023

0.9.7 - Nov 28th, 2023

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