Play it in Alpha

Season 2

Each Doggy will be playable inside The Sandbox, starting with the upcoming Alpha Season 2. Get your Avatar, jump into the game and share your avatar with the world!



First-ever avatar to be part of a metaverse music video. Unique, hand-crafted, and playable Doggies coming to The Sandbox. Designed and crafted with tha Doggfather himself.



A set of dope, fresh & funky avatars which have been custom designed by the teams at The Sandbox and Snoop Dogg himself. Only one exists of each, who will be the lucky one?



Take a stroll down the history of Snoop Dogg and discover a number of unique avatars that are directly linked to some of Snoop’s greatest tracks throughout the years.



We’ve teamed up with some of the greatest collections in the space to bring some unique 1/1 The Doggies to the metaverse, making them playable in The Sandbox.


Snoopverse early
access Pass

The Snoopverse Early Access pass gives you access to the Snoop Dogg Metaverse Experiences in The Sandbox before anyone else. Become a part of the development, give your feedback, enter Snoop's world!

  • Early access to Snoopverse
  • Get involved in the development process of Snoopverse
  • Exclusive NFT drops
  • Whitelist access to Doggies drop
  • Invitation to the Cozomo Art gallery opening
  • Future multiplier on staking
  • SAND Rewards in Snoopverse play-to-earn

Snoop private
party Pass

The Snoop Private Party Pass token gives you access to step into Snoop Dogg's lifestyle.

  • Invitation to Snoop's Private Party
  • Access to Snoop's first Metaverse concert
  • Invitation to Cozomo Art gallery opening
  • Whitelist access to Doggies drop
  • Future multiplier on staking


How many Doggies are there?

There are a total of 10,000 programmatically generated “Doggies” Avatars that will be minted.

What is their rarity/tier?

Doggies are divided into a variety of rarity categories depending on traits. There are multiple Doggies, as well as 10+ hand-crafted 1/1 Doggies, including Dope, Classic, and Signature Doggies.

Where do I have to go to claim the Avatars?

There is only one place where you can mint the Avatars:

At what time does the sale start?

The sale will start on February 23rd, 2022, 10pm UTC.

Whitelisted users will have access 24 hours before.

How much should I expect to pay for one Doggy NFT?

One Doggy NFT will cost 150 SAND.

How many Doggies can I mint per wallet address?

The Doggies will be released in two waves:

  • 1) Whitelisted users will have a chance to mint one Doggy with a time limit of 24 hours, between February 22nd and February 23rd.
  • 2) When the public release is live, users will have the chance to mint up to 1 Doggy from February 23rd to February 24th.

When can I discover what Doggy I minted?

The Doggies will be revealed 48 hours after minting on OpenSea.

Can I mint using any wallet (Binance, Ledger...)?

Yes, you can mint with whatever wallet you have.

What can I do with the Doggies?

Each Doggy Avatar will be playable inside The Sandbox in all the multiplayer experiences to come starting from the Sandbox Alpha Season 2.

How can I use my Doggy during the Alpha?

You will be able to use it as an Avatar by simply selecting it in the Avatar Manager in The Sandbox dashboard.

Does owning the Doggy grant me other perks?

A selected few Doggy owners will have the chance to have their avatar appear in an upcoming Snoop music video. This is a unique chance to dance your way into Snoop’s history.

Where can I buy a Doggy after the initial sale is over?

After the initial sale is over, you will be able to purchase a Doggy from users that are willing to sell theirs on the secondary marketplace Opensea

How do I get whitelisted?

If you hold one of the NFT listed below, 24 hours before the minting starts, you will have early access to mint your Doggy:

  • - Snoopverse Early Access Pass
  • - Snoop Dogg Party Pass
  • - JADU Jetpack
  • - JADU Hoverboard
  • - Selected SupDucks (See SupDucks Discord)
  • - Selected FLUF burrows (See Fluf Discord)
  • - Rumble Kong League

Winning one of our Twitter contests can also give you early access to mint your NFT.

How do I know if I’m whitelisted?

If you hold an NFT of the above collection, you will be able to mint, as long as you hold the NFT in the wallet with which you are whitelisted, and connected on the minting page.

How many Doggies can I mint as a whitelisted user?

You will be able to mint one Doggy as a whitelisted user.

My Doggies are not revealed yet on OpenSea. What can I do?

If you are checking before February 24, 10pm UTC, this is normal. If you are checking after that date, feel free to press the “Refresh Metadata” button on the top-right corner of OpenSea.

Buying NFT for the first time, how can I get started?

The process is quite simple. You need to ensure that you have created an account on The Sandbox.

Ensure you have both the correct amount of SAND to mint the number of Doggies you want and some ETH to cover the gas fees.

Log into your account and head over to the mint page

Check that your wallet is properly connected and just press the Mint button to retrieve your Doggy.

In participation with


Brands & IPs already

in The Sandbox Metaverse.

  • Snoop Dogg logo with the iconic Doggystyle emblem featuring a silhouette of a poodle with headphones and sunglasses
  • The Walking Dead logo featuring a illustration of a zombie hand in red, symbolizing the popular post-apocalyptic horror television series
  • Adidas logo in a white and black color scheme
  • SCMP logo featuring the stylized letters 'SCMP' in blue, symbolizing the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong based English language newspaper
  • A7X logo in black featuring the stylized letter 'A' and '7' with a lightning bolt, symbolizing the heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold
  • Richie Hawtin logo featuring a stylized illustration of the letter 'R' and 'H' in lowercase, symbolizing the techno DJ and producer
  • The Smurfs logo featuring a illustration of a Smurf character wearing a hat and holding a mushroom, symbolizing the classic comic and cartoon series
  • Hell's Kitchen logo featuring a illustration of a kitchen and the text 'Hell's Kitchen', symbolizing the popular cooking competition reality TV show
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon logo featuring a illustration of a roller coaster symbolizing the classic theme park simulation video game series
  • Deadmau5 logo featuring a illustration of the iconic mouse head with eyes and mouth in red, symbolizing the popular electronic music DJ and producer
  • Atari logo featuring a stylized illustration of a letter 'A' resembling a Pong paddle, symbolizing the classic video game company.
  • Care Bears logo featuring a group of colorful bears in a circle holding hands, symbolizing friendship and love
  • Blond:ish logo featuring a stylized illustration of the letter 'B' with a stylized sun and leaves, symbolizing the electronic music duo
  • Amino logo featuring a illustration of the letter 'A' made up of various colorful shapes, symbolizing the popular social network for communities and interests
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