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Snoopverse early
access Pass

The Snoopverse Early Access pass gives you access to the Snoop Dogg Metaverse Experiences in The Sandbox before anyone else. Become a part of the development, give your feedback, enter Snoop's world!

  • Early access to Snoopverse
  • Get involved in the development process of Snoopverse
  • Exclusive NFT drops
  • Whitelist access to Snoop Avatar drop
  • Invitation to the Cozomo Art gallery opening
  • Future multiplier on staking
  • SAND Rewards in Snoopverse play-to-earn

Snoop private
party Pass

The Snoop Private Party Pass token gives you access to step into Snoop Dogg's lifestyle.

  • Invitation to Snoop's Private Party
  • Access to Snoop's first Metaverse concert
  • Invitation to Cozomo Art gallery opening
  • Whitelist access to Snoop Avatar drop
  • Future multiplier on staking
Snoop Verse


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Play experiences both singleplayer and multiplayer. Create and animate assets with Voxedit 3D. Build unique game experiences in The Sandbox Metaverse with the Game Maker tool. Buy and Sell assets in the Marketplace to enhance your experience.

In The Sandbox, the only limit is your imagination.

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  • Get an account in The Sandbox.

  • There are three ways to obtain one of the 1,000 Party Passes:

    • - Purchase one of 212 Premium LANDS in the upcoming Snoop LAND sale.

    • - Purchase one of 650 passes sold on our Marketplace.

    • - Be a lucky winner of 138 given away during our airdrops.

  • Join The Sandbox Discord and get access to the Snoop Dogg VIP Channel.

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